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islaminomics: Journal of Islamic Economics, Business and Finance is a Journal published by LPPM STES Islamic Village that spreads the islamic view of Economics and finance.


Becoming the bonafid Journal in Islamic Economics and Finance that contributes to the development of knowledge and practices



1. To facilitate lecturers and reserchers to publish their vaulable research

2. To spread the contributed research widely to many parties who need references in their works

3. To contribute to ummah in developing and spreading the theories and practies of islamic economics and finance


Islaminomics: Journal Islamic Economics, Business and Finance is the transformation of islaminomic: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Perbankan syariah from the printing edition to the online system. Starting from the volume 8 number 2 (2018) the journal changes the name into islaminomics due to the wrong spelling the last journal.  In this edition the editorial board also changes, NurJamaludin as new editor in-chief leads the new journal team to transform new paradigm in managing journal. If the last edition majority of article comes from the insider (local researchers), in the next editions will invite other institutions. The other changes are lay out of pages, the new template is available in online journal.

Finally, we invite lecterers, researchers, and students to submit articles to our journal. We very thanks for your interest and intension in submitting the journal.

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Editor In Chief