Efektivitas Kriteria Restrukturisasi Dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Portofolio Pembiayaan

Hendy Herijanto, Restu Wulandari


This study aims
(1) to know customer financing are
consider want-not want and capable-incapable on Unit Usaha
Syariah PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (2) to know the criteria of
the restructuring which occur on Unit Usaha Syariah PT. Bank
Tabungan Negara, and (3) to ensure that the criteria that have
a positive impact on improving the financing portfolio on Unit
Usaha Syariah PT. Bank Tabungan Negara. To achieve these
objectives, the author uses qualitative research methodology in
this is field research. Sources of data obtained directly from the
study site on Unit Usaha Syariah PT. Bank Tabungan Negara from
documents relating to the cases studied. In addition, the data
obtained from direct interviews with Departement Head
Restructuring and Recovery Collection and Workout Sharia
Division dan Restructuring and Recovery Collection and Workout
Officer Sharia Division. After the data were completely collected,
the author analyzed the data by descriptive analysis, using the
deductive analysis method, in which a specific conclusion is made
from general data that have been collected. After conducting the
research, it is concluded that (1) Bank in determining the
customers want-not want is from the response of the customer
after receiving first to third a warning letter, while in determining
the customer is capable-incapable were determined by the
accuracy of the promise to pay the arrears that have been agreed.
(2) There are 5 (five) criteria restructuring on UUS BTN ie: hospital
fees, education fees of children, fixed income but needs increase,
layoffs but had returned to work, and a decrease in revenues. The
whole reason is temporary, kasuistis, and the positive reasons that
these criteria may be considered for approval. (3) When measured
for one year from the restructuring provision, criteria of
restructuring customers collectibility are still acceptable or
highest Dalam Perhatian Khsusus (DPK) so that said effective.


Criteria, Restructuring, Financing Portfolio Quality

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47903/ji.v7i2.54

DOI (PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)): https://doi.org/10.47903/ji.v7i2.54.g49

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